Private Sectorהובלות למגזר העסקי והמוסדי

Dor Yoel Moving and Storage company is reputable brand name with extensive experience acquired over many years. Apartment moving services are one of our central fields of expertise, and the company specializes in moving private and luxury homes. Dor Yoel company offers its customers personal attention and care, from the first telephone call until the end of the moving process.

After advanced coordination, a representative of our company will arrive to survey the content and submit a detailed price quote, and answer any troubling questions you may have related to the move. The price quote takes into consideration several factors: the volume of apartment content, amount of furniture and various electrical appliances, shipping distance, floors in the building and whether there is an elevator. After signing the agreement to execute the job, we deliver cartons to your home (you can also purchase additional packaging material from us).

On the moving day, the moving team arrives at the scheduled hour, and wraps and packs any necessary equipment to prevent any damage. Each team includes a professional carpenter who dismantles and assembles furniture, a service for which extra payment is billed.  shutterstock_144903406

The company’s workers are fixed and experienced employees, who are always courteous and do their utmost to ensure customer satisfaction. After all the content of the apartment and moveable that are dear to your heart are loaded onto the truck by our moving team, the truck sets out to the new destination, and when it reaches your new home – the unloading process begins.

The moving team unloads the content in the best, most efficient and most professional manner. Every object, piece of furniture or carton is placed in its assigned location, according to the customer’s instructions. A professional carpenter assembles the furniture and the moving team removes the packaging from the equipment. A few days after the move, a company representative arrives to collect the cartons from your new home.

Business and Institutional Sector

Dor Yoel company is one of the finest and largest companies operating in the field of moving and storage. The company provides services to companies and plants, government ministries, banks and offices. The company specializes in complex and complicating moving jobs performed according to customer needs. In addition, the company provides logistic planning and project management services aimed at enabling a gradual moving process for the office, without losing precious work time and taking into consideration the company’s needs.

Dor Yoel company offers packing services of office furniture, the employees’ personal equipment, as well as packaging computers and communications equipment. The company supplies, according to needs, cartons, masking tape, labels used to mark equipment, stretch nylon and bubble wrap. Dor Yoel employs professional carpenters specializing in dismantling and assembling all types of office furniture. The company specializes in transporting communications cabinets, safes and heavy equipment. Dor Yoel has a fleet of new, closed-top trucks with hydraulic walls, crane trucks, crane ladders and forklifts.