Packing Services

Dor Yoel’s packing services are designed for people who are moving and do not want to pack their homes up two weeks in advance or waste workdays and precious time. The packing service saves time and quite a lot of headaches.

On moving day, or the previous day, a team of workers with years of experience in packing the content of apartments arrives at the home. The team arrives with all the required packing materials in order to pack up your home in a professional and orderly manner. Packing is performed carefully and swiftly in all the rooms simultaneously. Within a few hours, all the boxes are closed and marked according to rooms.

Fragile objects are wrapped in silk paper, furniture is packed in corrugated cardboard and nylon wrap, and clothes are hung on special hanging containers. For customers who decide to pack the content of their apartments themselves – Dor Yoel supplies cartons and boxes. It is also possible to purchase additional packing materials through the company, such as: white-silk paper, nylon wrap, masking tape, stretch nylon and bubble wrap, corrugated carton and hanging containers.