Cranes Moving

Lifting Devices

Dor Yoel Moving and Storage company offers lifting and hoisting services using cranes. The company’s services enable lifting of heavy equipment and cargo up to 300 Kg using a crane. A crane is a quick and easy solution for lifting work, and significantly cuts time and labor. The crane is installed on a vehicle and can be positioned on pavements and in parking lots of multi-story buildings.

The company provides services to customers in the private and business sectors, as well as to various professionals. Lifting using a crane is the solution for lifting problems such as:הובלות עם מנוף

Content of apartments
Heavy furniture
Air conditioners
Construction materials
Electrical and solar water heaters
Plaster boards
Glass windows / displays

Crane Truck

Dor Yoel Moving and Storage company provides moving and lifting services. The company supplies services to public companies, government ministries and private companies.

The team of workers and foremen are certified professionals experienced in executing work such as: moving plants, transporting electrical equipment, conveyance of trailers, and transportation of containers, equipment and machines.

Forklifts and Conveyance Equipment

Dor Yoel company offers lifting and hoisting solutions. The efficiency of these solutions can mean the difference between failure and success. This equipment provides our customers with the most advanced and efficient logistic solutions. The equipment at the disposal of Dor Yoel includes forklifts, lifting platforms, platform carts, lifting carts and more.